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Welcome to Assurance Home Inspections, the Highest Rated in Real Estate Inspections, Galesburg and the surrounding areas by homebuyers just like you. The rest aren't even looking.

“I have had numerous home inspections performed, and without question, Assurance Home Inspections was by far the best. Mark was a pleasure to deal with, and the detailed report that I received from him (the very same day of his inspection), fully explained his findings. The accompanying photographs of any repairs needed, were also outstanding. His fee was very reasonable too. If you are looking for someone to do a home inspection, look no further than Assurance Home Inspections. – Scott Spray

Assurance Home Inspections, Galesburg, Illinois is a residential service provider that is licensed by the State of Illinois to conduct extensive home inspections. Our goal is simple: To offer the best possible service to you and your family by performing an honest, objective and thorough inspection. Home inspectors who accurately reports our findings so you can make an intelligent and informed decision regarding the property being considered.


Not all home inspections are equal in quality so be cautious when accepting the lowest price for such a large purchase. The State of Illinois sets the minimum standards for home inspections and that standard isn’t very high to say the least. So, when someone states that they go above and beyond those standards, that isn’t saying very much. You should never use an inspection service unless you can get the opinion of one or more individuals who have used that service. If you can’t find anyone who will back up the inspector’s claims, then remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”.


For most people, buying a home is likely the largest purchase decision they will ever make. With so much at stake, it only makes sense to avoid taking unnecessary chances. A thorough, professional inspection of the home will give you a firm understanding of the condition of the home. This will significantly reduce your risk and ease the decision making process. We really enjoy helping our clients in this process and customer service is our highest priority in real estate inspections for Galesbirg, IL and the surrounding areas.



The purpose of a building inspection is to provide the owner or prospective owner with a report of the current condition of the visual and accessible structural and operating systems. It should be a complete and thorough evaluation of the building by an unbiased representative of the client. it should identify defects and deficiencies in the structural and operating systems, or their components, which will need attention, now or in the near future. This is especially important, if those items could cause great inconvenience or be costly to repair

Armed with the report and the knowledge obtained during the inspection, the Clients will be able to proceed with confidence. If necessary, they can obtain more extensive evaluations and estimates from repaid specialists, including labor and material costs, time and inconvenience involved in correcting any deficiencies.


No house is perfect. Even the best built and best maintained homes will always have a few items in less than perfect condition. I once inspected a house that was only ten years old. The home was in near perfect condition except for the electrical panel had a severe fire and safety defect in it. The older the house, the more defects there are likely to be found. Below are listed some of the items that are most commonly found when inspecting a home.


Roofing problems found in roofing materials are the single most common defects found and the majority of home inspectors don’t even get on the roof. Usually it doesn’t mean that the roof needs replacement simply that it is in need of maintenance or repair. Damaged or missing shingles, moss growth which quickens the wear of the shingles and damaged flashing are not unusual defects found in my inspections.


Ceiling stains caused by water leaks can and should be a cause for concern. It can be difficult to tell whether the stains are from leaks still present or were caused by a leak that has since been repaired. Water travels and many times when you spot a leak the source is nowhere near it. We do our best to locate the source and determine if the problem has been remediated or if it needs attention right now.


Electrical hazards are most common in older homes but can be found in newer ones as well. Electrical hazards come in many forms, from ungrounded outlets to wiring done incorrectly by the homeowner. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) are not typically installed in older homes but are an easy upgrade to meet current code issues in most locales.


Rotted wood caused by being wet for an extended period of time, most commonly found around tubs, toilets or showers, roof eaves or outside trim.


Water heater installations are not always installed to full code compliance. I can always tell when a homeowner has installed a new water heater because in the majority of case they do not install an extension on the TPR valve which is considered a safety hazard. Even on professionally installed water heaters, I find that the TPR extension is plastic instead of metal. The plumbing code calls for all water heater extensions to be made of metal. Why do professionals’ do this? Because the plastic is cheaper than the metal version and it increases their bottom line.


Gas furnaces are usually in need of routine maintenance such as new filters at the very least.Theres not much thought given to the homes furnace as long as it’s doing its job but as a furnace ages, it’s important to have professional maintenance performed just before heating season. I’ve found many other issues such as faulty operation or inadequate fire clearance as well.


Plumbing defects are commonly found that include dripping faucets, leaking fixtures, slow drains, inadequate size piping and cross connections that can cause accelerated deterioration of the piping. I inspected a home that was only six years old and two of the bathrooms had leaks in the plumbing.

So if you think that the cost of a home inspection is out of the question because of the costs. What will you do when an unexpected cost occurs after you purchase the home when you could have negotiated the repair before the closing.



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