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Assurance Home Inspections is an independent home inspection company.


Assurance Home Inspections understands how important the inspection process is for a home and is the only company in this area that endeavors to give full disclosure on a residence. We go above the minimum standards set by the State of Illinois because we believe that the home being considered should be safe and sound for the homebuyer.


My promise to you is that you will know more about the property in question than any other individual that can only be done with due diligence. No matter how long it takes!



Congratulations on being proactive on the purchase of your new home. And why wouldn't you. After all, this will more than likely be the largest investment of your life. Never accept an inspection referral(s) from ANYONE unless they have used that inspector themselves.


The majority of home buyers shop around for a home inspector based on price. Searching for a home inspector isn’t like buying merchandise where the product is the same no matter where you buy it for the lowest cost. This is a big mistake because all home inspections are not the same. There are minimum standards set by the State that most inspectors are happy to perform because it takes less time and allows them to book multiple inspections for the same day.


These minimum standards allow the inspector to test a “representative” number of electrical outlets that are left to the discretion of the inspector. Inspecting a home without electrical defects is rare. 


The minimum standards also state that an inspector doesn’t have to get on the roof to inspect it. We get on the roof every time (unless it’s cover with snow/ice, too steep, or if there is a thunderstorm (during the inspection). There are defects that can’t be seen from the ground or even on a ladder at the gutter.


The majority of inspectors only include a handful of photographs in their reports because it takes too much of their time. Assurance Home Inspections includes anywhere from 100-200 photographs (depending on the size of the home).in the inspection report because we feel that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


You should research a home inspector. Only accept referrals from an individual who has personally used that service themselves.

In this day of online social media any home inspector that has been in business even for a short time should have online reviews. If they don’t, it should be a red flag!


Assurance Home Inspections, Galesburg, IL:

  1. Never double books inspections. The most important inspection of the day is the one we are doing for you. (We have nowhere else to be.)
  2. We inspect above the minimum standards set by the State.
  3. We inspect every home as if we were buying it.
  4. We encourage you to attend the inspection to learn what we learn

 Choose wisely for the largest investment of your life.


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