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What our clients say about us:

After being burned in the past by trusting an inspector that was referred to me, I decided this time around I would find my own home inspector. I am glad to have done so and glad I chose Assurance Home Inspections. Mark took thorough pictures of the entire property and found many issues that could have cost us thousands of dollars to repair. He also brought to light several safety issues that needed to be addressed. Even with the issues, we still plan to purchase as long as the seller is willing to work with us on repairs. Without the honest and thorough inspection Mark provided us we could have walked blindly into a situation that would set us up for failure. If we decide to purchase again in the area he will be our first call and first recommendation to others! - Katrina Peterson



Mark Libby is as thorough a home inspector as anyone could find. If you are buying a home you can be assured that you will know every detail that could be improved upon or needs repair. The timeliness of his delivery of inspection results helps to save time as a seller to get repairs done as to not interfere with a potential closing date. Mark states that he treats the home as if he were buying it himself and he backs it up. I would recommend Assurance Home Inspections to anyone needing a through, detailed home inspection buyer or seller. - Eric Pompeo



Assurance Home Inspections was a pleasure to work with. I called to schedule an inspection and was pleased to hear they would be coming out within days. The inspection lasted a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I appreciated Mark Linny's thoroughness and attention to detail. He stated that he treats every house he inspects "as if he was going to be living there." Rather than work to the minimum standard, Mark goes above and beyond to test everything that is accessible (outlets, windows, etc.) I received a detailed report the same day the inspection took place and was able to work through the findings with the seller to promptly move forward towards settlement. The seller was also pleased to have the results so quickly to be able to schedule the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend Assurance Home Inspections and will definitely use them for any future real estate transactions. Thanks again for your excellence service and commitment to your profession. - Nicholis Walters



Mark Libby is a buyers inspector for sure. When my wife and I were looking at buying a house, we called 6 different inspectors, all recommended by real estate agents. Assurance Home inspections was not on the list. None of the other inspectors called me back so I decided to call Assurance as a last resort and Mark called me right back. U needed an inspection done right away and he cleared his calender and did it the next morning. The sellers agent was not happy given Marks extremely detailed and in depth for the buyer's reputation. Mark spent 6 hours at this home and emailed me a very professional 54 page report. He then proceeded to call me and explain everything to me. He told me that he inspects every home like he is the one buying it and I believe it. He also was very kind and asked me about my military past and thanked me for my service. He is definitely the best inspector for the money and plan to only use him for the future. Assurance Home Inspections is professional, for the buyer, kind, efficient, and rightly priced. I highly recommend them to anyone who is buying a home.- Jacob Butler



I'm a first time home buyer who chose Assurance Home Inspections based on the reviews and website. I'm so glad that I did! Mr. Libby is very professional, thorough, and offers reasonable prices. I ended up using this company twice. My first home choice needed repairs but I wanted to know the full extent of any issues and Mr. Libby fulfilled that request tenfold. After he discovered some major issues with the house, I chose a different home which I also had him inspect. Both experiences were very easy and gave peace of mind after reviewing the very detailed reports. I definitely recommend this company for any home inspection service for the great value, service, and trustworthiness! - Danielle P



Mark did a great job when inspecting the home I was purchasing. He was very thorough and made sure I was aware of any areas of concern. My realtor gave me a list of home inspectors but for some reason Mark wasn't on it. I'm sure glad I did some research on my own and went with Assurance Home Inspections. The service provided and peace of mind delivered was was worth every penny of the very reasonable fee. The report Mark delivered was a thing of beauty. It will serve as a to do list for the minor things found which were in need of repair or maintenance. It was fully illustrated with photos that clearly pointed out the work that needed to be done. There are other inspection services available in town but after working with Mark I'm convinced there are none better. - Joe Fisk


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