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Real Estate Inspections is our only business. Home inspectors with the homebuyers best interest in mind serving Galesburg, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

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We serve Galesburg, Illinois and the surrounding communities in Knox County and beyond in real estate inspections.


Assurance Home Inspections is a residential service provider that is licensed by the State of Illinois to conduct extensive home inspections. Our goal is simple: To offer the best possible service to you and your family by performing an honest, objective and thorough inspection. We accurately report our findings so you can make an intelligent and informed decision regarding the property being considered. We present to our clients full disclosure home inspections and not “softened” or generalized reports. Our home inspections go beyond the minimum standard that is acceptable by state standards of practice




One of the smartest moves a seller can make is to order an Assurance home inspection BEFORE they list a home for sale. . When buying a home, getting a home inspection can expose defects and deficiencies before the sale, helping you establish priorities. This way, you know about any issues that may exist and can price the home accordingly or make needed repairs. Realtors who put their client's interests first and want the very best also see the benefit from our home inspections — as it can save everyone time and money

Assurance Home Inspections located in Galesburg, Illinois will create a detailed and comprehensive report based on a thorough inspection of the property.  We will provide a computer generated report that is easy to read and understand.  Your report will contain digital photographs of areas of concern along with explanations of the items in question.  You can then use this information to make an informed decision concerning your purchase or investment.  Some of the items reviewed include but are not limited to the following: 

Exterior Drainage & Grading Inspection

This is an important part of a home inspection, as water is a home’s “worst enemy”. The gutters and downspouts are also inspected to ensure they are taking the water far enough away from the structure. Maintaining a positive slope around the perimeter of the home's foundation is important in helping keep water away.


House Exterior & Structural Inspection
Checking the walls/siding, fascia’s, rake boards, soffits and windows, also checking the structural integrity of the building.


Porch, Deck and Balcony Inspection
Inspecting for structural integrity and safety. Inspecting underneath, as well (if accessible). For safety resaons, the deck should be attached correctly to the home.


Roof, Flashing, & Chimney Inspection
Checking the condition of the roofing material (ie: shingles, etc.). Also inspecting vent pipes, exhaust vents and skylights.


Attic Inspection
Ensuring structural integrity of the roof. Making sure the attic is properly vented. Checking for signs of water penetration. Inspecting chimney (if present) and making sure there is an adequate amount of insulation. 


Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors & Windows Inspection
The State regulations only require that we operate one door and window per room. We go well beyond that.


Kitchen Inspection
State regulations do not require us to inspect appliances.  We inspect and operate dishwashers, ranges, microwaves and trash compactors. We also inspect and operate the sinks.

Bathroom Inspection
Inspect and operate all toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, checking for leaks and proper functionality. Also inspect any exhaust fans.


Basement Inspection
Ensuring structural integrity, looking for signs of water penetratio and also inspecting bulkheads checking for any type of cracks or bulging. 


Heating System Inspection
Inspect and operate all boilers, furnaces and air handlers. Making sure each room has a heat source. Inspection of oil tanks is not mandated by the State but they are certainly included in my home inspection to ensure that there is noe leakage.


Cooling System Inspection (weather-permitting)
Inspect and operate all cooling systems (ie: condensors, compressors, evaporator coils, heat pumps, etc.) if the weather permits. Operating the central AC when the temprature is below 60 degrees increases the chances of ruining the compressor, which is the most expensive part of the exterior unit.


Plumbing System Inspection
Inspect and operate all plumbing fixtures. Looking for leaks in supply and drainage pipes everywhere . Ensuring there are no clogged pipes (backups). Water heaters are inspected, as well.


Electrical System Inspection
Extremely important part of a home inspection from a cost standpoint, as well as safety. Inspecting all electrical panels. Ensuring proper grounding of electrical system. Inspecting all visible wiring throughout the building for loose and/or exposed wires. The State regulations only require us to check one outlet per room. We go way beyond that.

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