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                                       Assurance Home Inspections,Galesburg, IL                      The Best Home Inspector in Real Estate Inspections! 



Assurance Home Inspections offers home inspections starting at $260.00. It’s a comprehensive home inspection report with details of systems and components.


We offer a “4-point” inspection that involves the major concerns of any property that includes the roof, electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system. If a complete inspection isn’t your highest priority, then a four point inspection may very well be the answer to any questions that you may have. This inspection is offered at a price according to the size of the home but is a reduced compared to a complete inspection. I'm often asked what is excluded from a 4-point inspection compared to a complete inspection.


 In a 4-point inspection, what is excluded?




Siding, Trim, Soffit, Fascia, Flashing, Caulking(if any)

Windows, Storm windows, screens

Service entry

Exterior doors

Service walks


Porch Steps



The Landscaping affecting foundation



Attic Structure/Framing/Insulation

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors


Kitchen countertops



Bathroom – sinks, tubs, showers.

Check if GFCI’s are present and working correctly in bathroom and kitchen area.

In every room we check for proper operation of windows and doors and that there is a heating and cooling source present as well as the floors, walls & ceiling for things such as moisture stains, cracks from defects over time.



Stairs, foundation, floor, seismic bolts, drainage, girders/beams, columns, joists, subfloor


Specific inspections for direct areas of  (maintenance, repair or building concern) $100.00.



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